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I went through my pictures from 2018 and realised how much really happened last year. It was eyes opening to go through everything and see what a year it was. You will find out if you keep scrolling. I already made a summary to my Instagram stories (@viivilaak), but I want to share it here as well, add a couple of things I forgot from Insta stories and maybe open the highlights a bit more.

At the beginning of 2018, I literally jumped out of my comfort zone when I started diving. I really liked it: learning new tricks, challenging myself, doing things I thought first I would not be brave enough. Failing, learning and succeeding. Unfortunately, I needed to stop quite soon, ush how much I hate quitting, but this time there were no options since the reason was my back.

During the year I threw two baby showers: first in January and second in December.

I had photoshoots with Peppi Laine. She took new amazing photos for my portfolio.

At the end of April it was time to leave corridor life behind and move to a new home together with my boyfriend.

I June I threw a bachelorette party for my dear friend and stood by her when she became Mrs. at the end of the month. I also designed and made dresses for bridesmaids. More about the dresses here. The wedding day was perfect, full of love, laughter and some happy tears. In summer my friend and I were celebrating 20 years of friendship.

In July, after sitting in a library the whole spring, I finally got my master’s thesis done, and in July, I graduated as Master of Arts in Fashion Studies from Stockholm University.

I went to amusement parks in Stockholm and Gothenburg

And spent time at summer cottages in Sweden and Finland, not enough though

Went to concerts: Macklemore, Hollywood Vampires, Europe and Eminem

Visited Finland several times

In August I travelled to Montenegro. Designed and made two dresses for the trip, one of them on the picture. See more of the dress here.

And in October to Riga

In September, I had a lovely birthday starting with quiz and breakfast in bed, followed by a short work visit, perfect brunch with my friends, museum visit and dinner, finishing to cola tasting and snacks in the corner of a sofa.

I was interviewed to Sisu Radio (Finnish radio in Sweden) about the differences between Finnish and Swedish fashion. I got contacted by a journalist, who then told me later on that she really wanted just me to this interview after founding my name on the Internet. That felt quite good since I didn’t know her earlier This was my first interview as a fashion professional. You can listen to the interview here (in Finnish).

I decided to take part in the International Zero Waste Fashion Design Competition in the last minute, and after waiting for the results of preliminaries, I got informed that I had made into the finals. That feeling, I could not believe it. See more about my collection here.

So in October, I travelled to Ljubljana where the finals took place. I took my collection with me and handed it to a jury. In the end, I made it to top 3! I didn’t win, but the shared 2nd place (2nd and 3rd place were not announced) feels still just amazing. During my trip, I also spent time with my old friends and checked out my old neighbourhood. I lived in Ljubljana in spring 2014 during my Erasmus exchange.

In the very end of October, I finally opened my own website and started writing this blog. So cool!

In November I was celebrating my graduation one more time, at the university’s graduation ceremony. I designed and made my outfit earlier in the same week. More about my outfit here.

I took an online course: Fashion and Sustainability in luxury, Understanding Luxury Fashion in a Changing World / London College of Fashion and Kering.

At the beginning of December, I started to see the world a bit clearer. I got my first pair of eyeglasses ever, which I need to use, fortunately, only when driving a car, in movies etc.

In 2018 I visited many new cities in Sweden and abroad, and many Christmas markets as well.

I went to a spa, three times! I can recommend if you like relaxing and want to take a short one-day getaway from every day.

I spent time with my friends and family, but I hope to spend even more in 2019. I’m grateful to have amazing friends around me, as well as an incredible family. <3

And like I wrote on my Instagram, I’m so ready to see how 2019 will be like! Hopefully less stress, more courage and lots of love! Hope you are also gonna have an amazing year!