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Direct greetings campaign rules

1 card / direct greetings card order.


1. Choose a card you want to send
2. Write a text you want to be written in a card to an order note on Checkout page. Don’t forget to write a complete message including “hello” and “xoxo / with love / best regards YOUR NAME”.
3. Choose “Ship to a different address” and write down a delivery address
4. Make an order.

1. Pick up the card you ordered
2. Hand-write your message on the back side of the card
3. We send the card directly to person you wish


We don’t send secret love letters – always write your name in the end of your message. Otherwise “Best regards YOUR NAME” will be added
Keep it positive – We don’t write any racist, insulting or harmful messages. We don’t write down swear words.
We can write in different languages but only in Latin alphabet

We don’t take responsibility if you have written a wrong address or if the card will get lost in the post. However, we hope everything is correct and the card will make it to your friend / family member / loved one on time. <3