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Knitted sweater vol. 2: Finally done!

The feeling when you finish a project is always good. On my post about my first knitted sweater ever posted on 9th of February I wrote: “Since, I have been knitting my next sweater which is almost ready now.” Well, that was almost two months ago. I knitted the first sweater in a week, the second took two months, what happened?

In February I also wrote: “When I get an idea, I need to start asap and keep going, otherwise, I will drop it.” True story. After knitting a body part ready, I knitted the first sleeve and realized a problem: the arm didn’t match to armhole, I had done something wrong. Instead of trying to figure out what the problem was, I left the project under the sofa for approximately two months.

I didn’t forget the project since I saw it every day. There were two options: find a better place for the undone sweater from my new sideboard or to knit it done and wear it. Since I needed space for my other projects in the sideboard and since I promised to myself to do not leave unfinished projects waiting for the next knitting season (you know how that would end, just like my several unfinished sewing projects waiting in my closet), I decided to face the problem.

First, reading the instructions again –> First mistake. Note to myself: read instructions (more) carefully. I used Reetta Pellikka’s (Fashion Statement) knit instructions as a base but made some modifications to make the sweater look more like how I designed. However, the first fail wasn’t that big problem. I had knitted an arm flat instead of as round, which I fixed with a seam afterwards. The seam became quite nice, to be honest. But then I realized a mistake I had done with a sleeve curve (the part of the arm that is attached to an armhole). That could have been avoided by following the instructions from the beginning. Well, I thought it looked weird. However, I’m happy that I know how the pattern of an arm should look like. My first try was a far away from that, haha. Now I just needed to unknit a bit and change the form of the arm curve to right and voilà!

To reknit a sleeve curve of the first arm, to knit a second arm and to attach those to a body took approximately two evenings. I’m so happy I decided to fix it instead of leaving the unfinished project under the sofa to wait to be done, who knows when. Thanks to warmer weathers, I’m planning to start my leather jacket season with my new knit!

Am I the only one with unfinished projects? I bet I’m not. Tell me yours!! Have a great Monday, a new week and a new month!


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