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New chapter

Okay, it has been a while, I know. I started in a new job as a design and production assistant in May and it took all juice out of me. I mean that there was so much new, working normal office hours, a lot to learn plus a lot of other stuff. I, unfortunately, didn’t have the energy for my blog, even though I would have liked to. I felt sad because of that. However, now things have changed and I have new energy again! I have gathered so many ideas on what to write about. Furthermore, I have decided to focus more on my own design and decided to be brave enough to follow my dreams and do my own stuff. Start a new chapter on my carrier. It feels the same time exciting and scary.

I would like to invite you to follow my story here on my blog and on Instagram where you can find me nowadays behind @viivilaakkonenofficial. If you have some ideas of what I could write about or something you would like to know about sustainable fashion and design, just hit me with a comment or dm!