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Special congrats!

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SPECIAL CONGRATS! Time to celebrate so put your dancing shoes on, raise the glass and hand Congrats card to one celebrated!

But why special congrats? Well, there is a story behind: under the design process of this card, a part of the letter G got missing. In the original sketch, it says congrats, but when I got cards from the printing house, there were only conCrats left (see photos on a product gallery), which I btw noticed first 5 days after receiving the cards. I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry *facepalm, laughing out loud*. All I can do is to admit my mistake and learn from it. However, because I think it would be unnecessary waste to throw these cards away, I have fixed every conCrats card by hand and made them to Special conGrats. That’s why every Special congrats card is unique, just as everyone receiving this card. #failandlearn

Designed by me and printed by Botkyrka Offset in Stockholm (and partly by me, see above). Paper comes from Lessebo Paper.

All Viivi Laakkonen products are locally produced and in a sustainable way.

Finnish design from Sweden

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1-sided postcard with an empty backside
Size: 10 x 15 cm
Designed in Stockholm, Sweden
Printed by Botkyrka Offset in Stockholm, Sweden
Paper: Scandia 2000 300g from Lessebo Paper