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Who made my clothes?

Photo: Fashion Revolution

It’s a Fashion revolution week and time to ask “who made my clothes?” While working on a clothing store, I noticed that customers are more and more interested in how the clothes are made, of what and by whom. That consumers are more conscious and interested is a good sign of change towards more sustainable consumption. Conscious consumers are the key to make companies change.

Consumers asking about sustainability and wanting to know more where the clothes come from, make companies think about their answers. Moreover, hopefully not only to think about their answers but to do something concrete to be able to give better answers. Honesty is important here. No-one will listen to vague stories, consumers want and deserve real answers! I think it is better to tell the situation right now, even though it is not the best yet, and tell how is a plan to improve the sustainability in company’s actions, instead of lying, telling vague stories or not answering at all.

During this week I have seen several clothing brands having Q&A inquiries about sustainability on social media. The followers have been able to ask questions regarding sustainability, to which the company has answered. Really interesting and great! Furthermore, “I made your clothes/jewellery” pictures have taken over at least my Instagram feed and stories.

This year I decided to try to answer the question “who made my clothes?”: me. I will challenge myself to make new clothes that I need or want this year myself as far as I can. That way I’m going to make more effort for the garment, and thus I maybe think twice before heading to the fabric shop if I really want to do the piece. On the other hand that is my way to keep my creative side active as well as my talent in sewing, and learn more. However, I have decided not to buy fabric before I have patterns ready. This is how I try to avoid unfinished projects laying in my closet and making sure that the idea in my head and the piece of fabric will become a piece of garment in time. This far I have finished two knitted sweaters, one blazer and one skirt are almost ready, and two pair of pants are waiting to be sewed.

Have you already asked your favourite brand: “who made my clothes?” Let’s keep asking a year around who made my clothes, where and of what. That is how we can effect a better and more sustainable fashion future.

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