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It’s a Converse comeback, baby!

Wide pants and Converses

At the end of last year, I took my old Converses to Sweden. The shoes had just been laying on my mom’s basement for almost 4 years. I don’t remember when I bought those, but I haven’t used them in at least 4-5 years. Now, when I brought those home in the middle of winter, I just thought that maybe it would be time to give them another chance. It’s a Converse comeback baby!

A month back, when going through my clothes and changing the seasons on my wardrobe, I spotted my Converses and took those from the basement back to use. I have been missing black sneakers since my Nikes broke (used them A LOT), so it was perfect timing to find these old goodies.


And I’m not sure if this is one of those things when you think or have something you see it everywhere. Like when I was younger, had broken a leg and needed to go with crutches, suddenly everyone was going with crutches. During the past few weeks, I have seen Converses everywhere, or at least in media (Iltalehti) and on Instagram.

I’m so happy I have saved my old pair. These are one of those shoes that always comes back on the streets. It might just take a few years break in between before they are the hottest fashion again. Classics, the best.

Baby blue sweater, white pants, black Converses
Converse comeback close-up
Pastel outfit

To this outfit, I wanted to add some edge and attitude, so instead of white sneakers, I chose my black Converses and a black bag. Converses fit perfectly with wide pants but look good also with flowy summer floral dresses, for example.

What do you say? Comeback success or not?