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How to make a painting without special equipment?

Paint roller art

In Spring 2020, under Covid-19 times, many people spend more time at home and want to find something fun to do. New and old hobbies start to arise. Maybe someone has now finally time to warm up the old hobby again when the other wants to try something totally new. Cool!

I have noticed that painting has become more and more popular. Influencers and bloggers have found their artistic side and starter packages for painting have been advertised for consumers. And honestly, I think it’s great! Love to see and follow all that creativity in social media. Everyone can paint if they want, it’s just about finding your own style. Everyone have one.

What if you would like to paint but you can’t afford the equipment or if you don’t have the possibility to go buy the equipment at the moment? Or if you are like me, and don’t have the patience to wait for the deliveries etc. once you got an idea?

Paint roller close-up

This painting was born kind of by accident. Before I had a black Unikko print from Marimekko on the canvas but everyone at home didn’t like it as much as I did so I needed to make some compromises. I promised to change the fabric (I’m definitely going to use the Unikko fabric later somewhere else).

At the beginning of last year, we were painting our bedroom. When I was painting the second layer and looking at the splashes of paint on the paper that was covering the floor I got an idea. I had white sheet fabric in the closet, luckily just enough to cover my canvas (I had used the sheets earlier for my sewing prototypes). I cut a piece of sheet in the right size, put it on the floor and started to play with wall paints. I started with rolling with the paint roller, some dark blue, a little white here and there. Then I took a paintbrush and started to create splashes to the fabric with both colours.

Equipment for Paint roller painting
Paint roller by Viivi Laakkonen

And that is how the Paint roller was born.

At first, I didn’t like it at all, but since it got that good reception here at home so it made its way to the wall in the end. Haha, that is also a funny story. We didn’t have, neither have now, any kind of staple gun, so the fabric is attached to the canvas with electrical tape 😀 That’s why it’s a bit wavy at some parts.

Now my painting has been hanging at our wall over a year and got so many compliments from people visiting us that I have also started to like it. However, I’m planning to paint a new piece of fabric, a new piece of art, to change the look of our living room. This is how I can change the look of the room easily, since the canvas I use at the background is quite big (100×73) and the painting something that is seen first when coming in. This time I’m going to use my old fabric paints.

Selfie with the painting

Don’t let the lack of equipment to stop your creativity!

However, I encourage you to be creative and think about what you could use as equipment if you don’t have the exact that is made for that use. Don’t let the lack of equipment to stop your creativity!