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Muhku-beanie with super easy knitting instructions


I have addicted to knitting. This autumn-winter I have already made one kid’s sweater, one baby cardigan, one baby beanie and three beanies and I’m all the time thinking about what I could knit next. I have noticed that knitting calms me down. I cannot, for example just watch Netflix, I need to do something at the same time to feel productive, but also do something with my hands. It’s also partly my way to cope with stress. When knitting, I’m focusing on that and it’s easier to give my brain a pause of everything else, and that is what I have really needed lately.

This beanie I call Muhku because it’s so voluminous and soft and big. That’s basically what Finnish word muhku means. First, I made one, but it was so easy and “don’t need to think anything” knitting project that soon I wanted to make another one. And of course, because the beanie looks super nice. My favourite beanie model this winter, definitely. I think I want to make one in brighter colour as well.

Knitting projects

But since it was so easy to knit, I decided to make instructions and share those with you! Like said, Muhku-beanie is so simple to knit that it is perfect for beginners or if you just need some “little snack” in-between your more complicated knitting projects.

A perfect last minute Christmas present!! It takes like two evenings so knit.

VL Muhku beanie knitting instructions (PDF)

You can download the PDF-file above (opens in a new tab) or follow the instructions hereunder.



  • Circular knitting needles in size 40cm / 10mm
  • To make it a lot easier in the end: Double-pointed knitting needles in size 10mm
  • Thick wool yarn (100g / 100m) in the colour of your choice, less than 100g. I used Felting Wool from Adlibris
  • Scissors
  • A crochet hook or a darning needle


1. Create 56 stitches to a circular needle

2. Start knitting in the round: *1 knit stitch – 1 purl stitch (inside out stitch).* Repeat *-* until you have knitted 37 full rounds or that the beanie is approximately 25 cm long

3. Start decreasing stitches by the following:

!! Here is a good time to change to double-pointed needles. In that case share 14 stitches to each needle, or struggle in the end like I did.

1st round: *knit 2 stitches together with a knit stitch, knit 12 stitches: k1-p1, starting with a knit stitch.* Repeat *-* in every needle / 4 times in total.

2nd round: *knit 2 stitches together with a knit stitch, knit 11 stitches: p1-k1, now start with a purl stitch.* Repeat *-* in every needle / 4 times in total.

3rd-11th round: Repeat 1st and 2nd rounds but on each round decrease one stitch after knitting 2 stitches together: 3rd – 10 stitches, 4th: 9 stitches and so on.

Now you should have 12 stitches left in total, 3 on each needle.

4. Cut the yarn by leaving 7-10 cm long tail. Pull the tail through the stitches and hide it on the inside of the beanie.

5. Weave end and start tails to the inside / the edge of the beanie by using a darning needle or with a help of a crochet hook.

Fold the edge and your Muhku-beanie is DONE!

Download your VL Muhku beanie knitting instructions in PDF here

And don’t forget to share your Muhku-beanies with #vlmuhku. You can also tag @viivilaak on Instagram so I can see what you have done!

Hope you liked these instructions. Don’t hesitate to leave a thumb up on comment field or ask if you have any questions.



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