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Second-hand footwear as it’s best – Preloved Timberlands from Arkivet

Preloved footwear

A few weeks ago I visited one of my favourite stores in Stockholm, Arkivet, when running other errands in the same neighbourhood. I have to admit that I have visited the store only a few times before, but the last time was a long long time ago. I don’t know why I haven’t gone there more often, but I definitely will when the situation with covid-19 allows it again.

I was talking with one sales assistant at Vasastan store (really good customer service I have to say!) that on the other hand, it’s a pity that when you find something nice but in the wrong size you cannot try on the other size cause there is not one. But then I said that maybe it’s good. If the garment doesn’t fit, it wasn’t for you, but if it does, you can make a great find that probably feels even more special. That garment was waiting for you to give it another life.

Autumn style

I was looking for jackets but ended up trying a dark green dress and Timberland shoes. On Instagram, I made a poll of which one I bought; the dress or a pair of shoes. The result was quite 50-50, and I also got comment if it would be possible to answer both. I wish!

The dress was amazing, but I had to admit it, it was too big. The label of the dress was unknown, so maybe someone had made it herself. Thanks for the inspiration, now I want to go through my fabric storage to see if there is something I could make a similar for me for autumn/winter. That would be perfect with a black polo neck, tights and ankle boots, or, wait for it, with my new preloved second-hand Timberlands!

I left the shoes to the store already, but then my sister told me she has owned the same shoes for 4 years now and she is still super happy with those (I cannot be the only one sending photos to ask to advise when shopping alone right?). She told so many good things about the shoes that I needed to turn around, walk back and try those once more. They fit perfectly.

Even though I was a bit uncertain in the beginning and close to ‘think about’ too long, I’m super happy that my sister convinced and encouraged me to buy those. I love the timeless design and these shoes are one of the most timeless and classic shoes there is and always in style. Plus, I like the practical side. They are super comfortable and work well in whatever weather (think about those slushy days coming). And I’m super happy that I found those preloved, second hand. I don’t know how many years the previous owner has had them, but they still look really good, and I’m sure they have still many years to give. Now I’m just gonna take care of them, love them and wear them!

Timberland close-up

What do you think about my second-hand Timberlands? Thumb up or down? And what is your favourite pair of autumn shoes?


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