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My wardrobe cornerstones

I have lately noticed that when I’m wondering what to wear when I want to wear something else than jeans and knitted sweater, something else than wool pants and jumper, just something different, I’m reaching my hand to my leather pants and blazer. That’s maybe because my leather pants are the most comfortable pants in my wardrobe excluding sweatpants and my blazer loose enough with a straight cut. I’m not a fitted blazer person. Instead, I like comfy but stylish clothes. Furthermore, during winter it is easier to wear more layers of tights under loose fit leather pants than under tight jeans. The other reason is that I want to use my tops and t-shirts also during the winter. I do not really have cardigans, okay one, but if I want a bit more sharp look, I choose blazer. My cardigan is longer and a bit hanging, perfect for example with those tight jeans. But yeah, I want to give my tops and t-shirts place in a spotlight during the winter as well, not only hide them under fluffy knitwear.

I bought the leather pants maybe 3 years ago, and I’m sure I will have those forever. I’m not sure when I have bought the blazer, but it must be at least 5-7 years old. Unfortunately, it is not as its best anymore but still works.

I also have a couple of tops that I know that work with everything. For example, a top, on the picture above, was originally made last summer to my friend’s wedding where I wore it with a long skirt in a similar colour (see here). After, I have worn it with a denim skirt, jeans and now with leather pants.

I think these kind of clothes are the best. The clothes that you can wear all over again, combine with different pieces to get different styles and to make them work on different occasions. These belong to the same group with blue jeans and white t-shirt, these I call wardrobe cornerstones. Do you have wardrobe cornerstones in your closet? Which ones? Would be nice to know.