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My first self-knitted sweater ever

Am I proud of myself? I managed to knit a whole sweater in a little over a week. And it really looks like a sweater, a really nice one indeed. I have always admired my friends who can knit and have the patience to knit a sweater and really finish it. My previous tries are still like 5 cm high from the beginning so those could not even work as bikinis. I think before I haven’t had any clue of what I was doing, no instructions and definitely too thin yarn.

When I get an idea, I need to start asap and keep going, otherwise, I will drop it

After knitting two beanies and one pair of mittens this winter already, my knitting excitement was still high, and I needed a new project. Reetta Pellikka’s (Fashion Statement) knitting instructions for an easy Anna knit appeared at the moment, and I went to buy yarn and knitting needles right away before I would change my mind. When I get an idea, I need to start it asap and keep going, otherwise, I will drop it.

I started and couldn’t stop before the sweater was ready. Just one week and one day knitting in the evenings and voilà! Thanks to easy and clear instructions, it was a pleasure to knit the sweater, even for me, who have mainly knitted just smaller things and is not so familiar with knitting terminology. You can find instructions for RKNIT’s Anna sweater here (in Finnish).

Since, I have been knitting my next sweater which is almost ready now. I have been sewing clothes for a long time already, but it is so cool to be able to do also my own knits.

Photos: Michelle Vernier / edit: me

What do you think about my new sweater? Are you a knitter yourself?


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