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Not as warm as it looks like

The sun is shining. It looks warm when looking outside of the window. Well, that is bullshit, it is not warm even if it looks like that. It isn’t time to pick up the spring jackets from the basement yet. When checking the temperature today before heading out, -3 C, okay, not that bad. Feels like -9 C.

And it totally felt. Often the sun is warming but not today. It was blowing so much that the cold air went through my wool coat and jeans (yeap, I forgot to put tights under, or thought that I don’t need them). However, the sun felt good. After a warm February, it feels difficult some days to get dressed to cold again. Or understand that it really is cold. My mind is already in spring outfits, but I have to be patient still a while. One thing, however, is sure: it is time to take sunglasses out of the closet and put them on.

Photos: Riikka Kujala / Edit: me