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One year outfit diary

One year outfit diary cover

It was approximately two years ago, on the 12th of March 2017, when I started my outfit project on Instagram. The aim of The one year outfit diary was to publish a picture of my outfit every day during a year; no fake outfits, only pictures of outfits that I really wore. One of the ideas of the project was to tell the truth, no-one is wearing super cool outfits every day.

On the 11th of March 2018, the project became to an end. 365 outfits, including home looks, sport outfits, travelling looks, holiday styles, everyday outfits and party looks, were published, one per day. Feeling after the project was good, I was proud of myself that I did it but also relieved that I don’t need to remember to take pictures or ask someone to take them, and post them every day anymore.

Outfit diary 26/5

Used a shirt as a skirt by tightening the arms around my waist. Still loving the look!

Outfit diary 31/5

Double grey with black and white, inspired by the weather. Simple and cool.

Outfit diary 31/7

Wearing a silk kimono in an everyday outfit. Summer please come already!!

“I love combinig clothes differently, creating new looks and giving more use to the garments that way”

Viivi Laakkonen, 20th September 2017

Did I think my outfits and what I wore more during the diary than what I do now? Yes and no. I tried to avoid same outfit a day after a day, except, when I was sick for example. I tried to vary and create different outfits of clothes in my closet. Did I buy new clothes for the project? Definitely not. I may have bought new clothes during the project but not because I wanted to get new looks for the project, no.

Outfit diary 3/8

Biking around the city in my black and white skirt outfit by Finnish designers. Definitely gonna wear this again next summer.

Outfit diary 19/8

“Keeping it comfortable but still stylish today when travelling by metro, train, bus, airplane and boat.” Simple things the best.

Outfit diary 26/8

“I really really liked my outfit today! Stripes and different shades of blue, silk and denim ” And oh, still one of my favourites from the project!

Nowadays it is so nice to go back to the project, especially when I need inspiration to my outfits. When scrolling the diary for this blog post, I found so many nice spring outfits that I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer. I found outfits that I’m like: “yeah, I can wear it also like this” or “I need to pick that dress from the basement immediately”. The best is that I still have the clothes I was wearing during the project so copying the whole outfit or getting inspired and modifying it into my style and feeling at the moment is easy. The outfits take me also back to the places and moments in which I was wearing them. Outfits are like links to my memories.

Here a few more of my favourites

Outfit diary 28/8

Cool school kid in green and black

Outfit diary 29/8

Flower power

Outfit diary 10/9

Very much me this outfit. The kind of outfit that I really feel comfortable in. Classics + sports <3

Outfit diary 5/10

Back to classics. I just told a couple of friends on Saturday how these leather pants has become one of my favourite pieces of clothing, saving me from outfit crises several times already.

Outfit diary 7/11

More use for a summer skirt when wearing with a thick knitted sweater in November. I still really really like this combo.

Outfit diary 3/1

Blue jeans and a white shirt, perfect basics that never betray

Outfit diary 1/2

Love the combination of softness and roughness in this outfit. Gonna wear this again this week!

Congrats and thanks if you managed to scroll all the way here 😀 For more outfit inspiration go check out my outfit diary: @oneyearoutfitdiary. I kinda would like to start the One year outfit diary vol.2 but instead I will start publishing more outfit inspiration to my normal instagram account @viivilaak. I have some cool ideas for the spring. And do not forget to follow this blog. Outfit inspiration coming here too!