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Podcast, online tabloid and radio week

Podcast, online tabloid, radio week

The past week was at the same time crazy and amazing, scary and exciting. That was a week that I’m going to remember on my career.

Unfinnished business

On Tuesday 3th of December, a new episode of Unfinnished Business podcast came out. We had recorded that on previous Thursday with the host Loviisa Läärä. That was the first time I was talking in a podcast, so much fun but to be honest, I was also a bit nervous when waiting for it to be published. However, on Tuesday morning I listened to it right away after I woke up. It was great, I really liked it and it was also nice to get positive feedback. In the episode, I got to talk about trends in Sweden, Finnish design, inspiration, sustainable wardrobe, Finland’s Independence Day Reception and entrepreneurship. I’m so happy that Loviisa invited me to be her guest at the podcast. I would do it again whenever! You can listen my episode here. If you can Finnish, I really recommend you to also listen to the other episodes.

Iltalehti 5.12.2019

The week goes on and on Thursday, the 5th of December, the first article about me and my Master’s thesis is published in Finnish Iltalehti. I wrote my Master’s thesis Finland’s Biggest Dress Party – A Study of the Role of Women’s Appearances at the Independence Day Reception to Stockholm University in spring 2018. Finland’s independence day is on the 6th of December and this year Finland celebrated 102 years of independence. Evening gowns and appearances are widely discussed in the media and at home audiences every year. Over 2,5 million Finns gather around televisions to watch the reception hosted by the president on independence day evening. You can read more about the reception here and here. In the article I tell how the dresses have been seen in the media over the years, talk about the dress code and explain how the dresses aren’t always just dresses but they may carry a deeper meaning, a story. You can read the article here (in Finnish).

Sisuradio 5.12.2019

Later on the same day, I was invited to talk about the same topic to Sisuradio’s (Swedens Finnish radio) afternoon live show. I was really happy to get this opportunity to use my knowledge about evening dresses at Finland’s Independence Day reception, and to share my Master’s thesis and my thoughts about the dresses with a wider audience. I really enjoyed speaking on the radio. You can read and listen to a teaser of my radio interview here (in Finnish).

Iltalehti 6.12.2019

Furthermore, on Friday morning, the 6th of December, another article based on my interview at Iltalehti was published. This one focusing more on dress code at Finland’s Independence Day reception. You can read the article here.

I’m proud of myself that I wrote the press release a few weeks ago and got to tell about my thesis work on Iltalehti and at Sisuradio. Feels good that my Master’s thesis is not only a Master’s thesis anymore. I’m also super happy that I was invited to Unfinnished Business podcast to talk about my career in fashion. It was heartwarming to notice how much good feedback I got especially of the podcast and the first article and how those were shared by my friends and family. The support means a lot.

Sometimes it is good to make some noise about the things you have done!