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Evening dress illustration inspired by Linnan juhlat and Nobelfest

Evening gown sketches

I just want to go back to Finland’s Independence Day reception that was two weeks back and shortly take a look at the Nobel banquet celebrated in Stockholm last week via evening dress illustrations I made this week.

I draw the illustrations already on Monday but haven’t managed to write a post here. I have already talked about Independence day reception here and here and here, and I’m not sure if it’s a bit late to write about the dresses now but I just want to take a quick look. I decided to draw a few of the looks. I also picked up two from the Nobel banquet.

Jaana Pelkonen sketch

Jaana Pelkonen
Beautiful look year after year. This year wearing a white evening gown with golden details.
Design by Teemu Muurimäki

Jitka Novácková sketch

Jitka Novácková
Such an amazing dress and beautiful fabric. I’m just wondering how useful a long tail is in a crowded palace?

Bella Forsgren sketch

Bella Forsgren
That bright yellow suits her so beautifully. I was happy to see bright colours at the palace this year.
Design by Anne-Mari Pahkala

Sara Kokko sketch

More bright colours by Sara Kokko and her red evening gown.
Design by Anna Lindh

Heta Ravolainen-Rinne sketch

Heta Ravoainen-Rinne
was wearing an evening gown made by recycled Pure Waste’s post waste fabric. 20% of the material is from consumers previously worn clothes, 40% textile industry surplus and 40% recycled polyester from PET-bottles. Dress by Paula Malleus.

Jenni Haukio sketch

Jenni Haukio
The First Lady of Finland showing a great example of how the same dress can be worn twice even in the same party, in a different year though. The dress was modified from the dress Haukio used for the first time at Independence Day reception in 2015.
Design by Sari Nordström and made by Karina Vainio

In addition to these dresses, there were several beautiful dresses at the presidential reception this year. I was happy to see colours and recycled materials in dresses as well as recycled dresses.

In the Nobel banquet, young designers got to show their talent.

Princess Sofia sketch

Princess Sofia
Wearing a beautiful blue dress, designed by Emelie Janrell who was appointed as “Årets nykomling”, newcomer of the year, in Swedish ELLE-gala in 2018.

Matilda Ernkrans illustration

Matilda Ernkrans
Her dress was made of paper fabric by two students from the University of Borås, the Swedish School of Textiles: William Wahlström och Filippa Svensson. The dress can be composted and black colour describes the destruction of nature, climate change. Black colour can be interpreted as an oil spill or pollution.