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Spring in February – more use for your summer dresses

Dress, jeans & bike

During the past few days, there has been a real spring feeling in the air. A bit too early if you ask me, even though I love how the spring smells. I just would like to have winter a bit longer, and be able to go skiing more than once this winter. But will see, maybe winter makes a comeback.

It’s been beautiful, sunny weather, and yesterday it was +7 C degrees, and I needed to take a jacket off for a moment when I was running. Yes, in February. However, it is still not warm or spring enough to go around bare legs in a flower dress. In one of the first blog posts (here) I wrote about how important it is to think the ways, combinations, how you can use your clothes, especially when thinking to buy a new one so that you could use the garment as much as possible. I’m always trying to inspire my customers how they can combine the garment with pieces they may already have at home, to make different looks and to wear a garment on several occasions, not only at one.

Dress & jeans
Dress, jeans with bike

During the dark winter, it may be nice to spice up your look sometimes with your favourite summer dress and change the basic jeans and sweater look. However, not everyone likes to wear tights and like said it is still too cold to go around in bare legs.

Dress and pants combo is perfect for you who is not dress and tights person. When wearing a dress with black tights in winter time, the outfit often does not feel like me. And what it comes to nude tights in winter, no, don’t do that, except if you really feel so and that is your thing, then go for it. I feel that I need to dress down the outfit at least with sneakers to get a bit edge to my look. I like to play with contrasts in my outfits: feminine pieces often need a sporty or more masculine detail to balance the look.

When a dress with pants trend came, I was a bit suspicious at first. That was something new for me, but not I think that is just cool. That’s how I can wear my dresses more, also outside the summer season.

Spring in February look

Photos: Michelle Vernier / edit: me

There are many possibilities to wear dresses in winter: with tights, jeans, pants, knitted sweater, cardigan, pullover under etc. Just use your imagination and try new combinations, even those that you think do not go together at all, you may be surprised.

What do you think about wearing dresses with pants? Yes or no?


Ps. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day everyone!