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Vilka blommor

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Vilka blommor (eng. Which flowers) works amazingly as an addition to a flower bucket or just as itself as a greetings card. Print got its name while sketching it. I sketch some random flowers and wrote “vilka blommor?” on the side with an idea to check which flowers those remind the most. However, in the end the flowers stayed as unique Vilka blommor not trying to be anything else.

Designed by me and printed by Botkyrka Offset in Stockholm. Paper comes from Lessebo Paper.
All Viivi Laakkonen products are tried to be produced as local and sustainable way as possible.

Finnish design from Sweden

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1-sided postcard with an empty backside
Size: 10 x 15 cm
Designed in Stockholm, Sweden
Printed by Botkyrka Offset in Stockholm, Sweden
Paper: Scandia 2000 300g from Lessebo Paper

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