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Take care – Leather bag edition

Here come my first Take care -post and video. In the first episode, I show you how to take care of a leather bag.

What is important to remember before starting to polish and protect your favourite bag with some balsam is to ask from the store you bought the bag, from the brand or local shoemaker how to take care of just your bag. Leather bags are different: some already have a cover, some need extra love immediately before you start using those. The other thing is to check that the product you use doesn’t cause harm to your bag or your clothes. We don’t want your clothes to get destroyed; we want to love them as much as the bag, right. So, find the right product. Your leather shoe cream does not necessarily work at all on your leather bag. I recommend you to ask from a professional, just in case. After taking care of your bag, it’s time to be patient. Let the bag dry in peace for the best result. In other words, don’t start this project five minutes before the party, if you want to take your bag with you.


  1. Find out what kind of extra love your bag needs
  2. Buy the right product
  3. Give that extra love to your bag and take care of it
  4. Be patient and let the product make its magic.
  5. Don’t let your bag to get tired and grumpy, remember to give some extra love time to time to guarantee a long relationship together <3

More tips and details on the video.


Leather bag close up before care
Leather bag close up from side before care
Leather bag care


Leather bag after care
Leather bag after care

Now go see the video and tell me what you think! But hey be kind. For the next time, I will make sure that my head fits the picture and try not to mess up with my words 😀 Haha! However, enjoy! Remember to give a thumb up and share if you like it, and feel free to leave a comment.

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