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Knitted top – a new favourite piece for summer

knitted top from back

First self-knitted summer top is here, and I love it! I have earlier knitted accessories (here & here), sweaters (here & here) and latest a cardigan at the beginning of this year (here), but now it was time for something more summery. I’m already now quite sure that this knitted top is going to be one of my favourite pieces of clothing this summer.

I call it a Lavender top but it also matches quite perfectly in colour with purple violets on our balcony. I still have yarn left, so maybe the next creation will be called Violet. I like giving names for my clothing creations the same way than artist names their paintings. However, I just realised that I think I don’t have a name for all of my earlier knits though. Haha, need to name them asap.

Lavender top and flowers
Top and scrunchie

I got the idea for this top at the beginning of the year when I saw Reetta Pelli’s Instagram post of a knitted vest she had made. I already then commented that I want to do a summer top using her pattern and instructions. So, in the end, I used her instructions as a base, like I have also done with my other knitted sweaters/cardigan, and changed it to fit better to my need and design. I have mentioned Reetta’s knits already many times earlier on my blog, but if you, my dear Finnish speaking reader there on the other side of the screen who would like to start knitting, haven’t check her knits yet, I can highly recommend. I used instructions for Rknits Porvoo as a base of my top. #rknits

The yarn I used is Bamboo cotton from Adlibris in colour Lavender.

Lavender scrunchie

I have several outfits in my mind of how I can combine my Lavender top. Here a few of those: with white jeans, flower skirt, my favourite blue jeans or basically with any other skirt/trousers/bottom, as a vest on top of t-shirt or polo when it starts to get chilly. The knitted top is also a perfect choice for travelling since it doesn’t get wrinkled.

My winter hobby has started to take place also on other seasons. Anybody else who can’t let knitting needles down in summer?


Ps. Yes, I made a scrunchie too. You maybe noticed from photos already. That was pretty easy and quick to make, so I was thinking to share the instructions with you later. Follow @viivilaak on Instagram to keep you updated!