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The first one

I wish it were still that weather. Or to be honest, I also really like the crispy fresh air coming right after the dark and rainy period.

Okay and that’s it about the weather. I know that is a simple conversation opener and since my cursor was tapping on the white surface a couple of minutes, while I was thinking how to open this first post, it just popped into my mind at first. However, this blog is not going to be about the weather. Trickling upside down is about fashion, mostly about fashion.

Trickling upside down is about fashion, mostly about fashion

Fashion and sustainability, trends, fashion phenomena, design and inspiration, will be the main topics featured and discussed. I’m super interested in each of them and will my thoughts with you. However, even though I would say that Trickling upside down is a fashion blog, I may spice it up sometimes with my other interests like travelling, interior design, beauty, food and sports.

That’s it this time, a short introduction to what is coming. If you have any comments, questions, ideas, you name it, those are warmly welcome. Just leave a comment below or leave a message at contact page.

Welcome to read my blog, until next time!