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Autumn in the air – between summer and autumn wardrobes

Knitted sweater and bare legs

Autumn is coming, or maybe it’s already here. It’s September, and at least I can feel the change in the air. The weather is not as warm anymore, and in the mornings some light jacket is needed, maybe even a knitted sweater under it. But I kinda like this season, the crispy fresh air and a possibility to wear skirts with favourite knit and bare legs. It’s a real midseason now, and time to use both, your summer and autumn wardrobes.

This special season lasts just a short while here in Nordic. I’m sure that in a few weeks, I need to find my tights from the back of my closet och pick up my thicker knits from storage. However, meanwhile, I’m going to balance between summer and autumn wardrobes and enjoy this possibility to give my summer clothes a little longer season (some of them I will use the whole year, with many layers though).

Early autumn look
Summer and autumn wardrobe outfit
Midseason look

Even though I want to make the summer dress season longer, I feel, at the same time, that I have seen and worn those enough. Summer in the North is not that long, and I know that I will have plenty of time to wear my winter clothes but, still, somehow, I feel like I want some change. It’s funny how all hit me in one second. Suddenly I became more interested in grey-beige tones, soft, woollen structures, and wanted to hide all colourful and pattern rich clothes, pack them to boxes and put to wait for the next spring/summer. I haven’t done that yet, though.

I think it is a good idea like I have probably said already earlier here on the blog, to let the season’s clothes rest (summer clothes under winter season and winter clothes under summer season). This way, the clothes you already own feel fresh and new when it is time to do a season change in your wardrobe again. I’m still going to wait with the season change a while. Instead, I will try to find out how to combine the clothes I have in my closet at the moment under this mid-season.