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Looks from the holiday – 3 outfits and beautiful Gotland

Langhammar rauk area, light blue linen dress

Hi all! My blog has been on a summer holiday over a month now, so it’s time to get it published again. So here we go. I was thinking like where should I start since I have a few post ideas on my back pocket, but I think I’m just going to start by sharing my holiday looks from Gotland.

We travelled to Gotland for five nights which was great after spending the whole spring and the beginning of summer at home in Stockholm. We were really lucky with the weather, and I’m so happy that I, in the last minute, packed two more summer dresses to go. To be honest, I asked my boyfriend which one of those two I should take with, and he just said: “take both”. He knows me. We were travelling by car, so we had space. Normally I try to plan my outfits really carefully beforehand to avoid too many clothes.

Unikko skirt with white linen top
White linen top, black bag, Unikko skirt

When travelling, I always want to wear something comfy. This time I chose a long pleated Unikko skirt from Marimekko. I have used this one a lot this summer. I combined the skirt with a white linen t-shirt and silver sandals. These sandals I bought from Bangkok in 2016, and I’m afraid of that day when they broke. I really like those, even though they are maybe not the best shoes for walking the whole day.

Linen dress at Langhammar
Light blue linen dress
Viivi Laakkonen light blue linen dress with yellow hairband

On a day two, I wore a light blue linen dress that I designed and made for myself last year. You can find it from my portfolio here. I combined the dress with a yellow hairband. This was one of the dresses I packed on the last minute. I like the simplicity of the dress, and I’m sure I’m going to wear it for many years and on many occasions. It’s easy to dress up with heels and big earrings, but it also works perfectly with sneakers.

Unikko dress at Blå lagunen
Unikko dress and round sunglasses
Unikko dress look with sunglasses

This second-hand Unikko dress is perfect for warm days. This time wearing it with round sunglasses that I btw found from my brother’s drawer last year when I was looking for a superglue. Totally a second-hand look!

I think I will leave the rest of the holiday looks for the next time. If you have ideas of what I should write about so don’t hesitate to write a comment or you can also always DM on Instagram @viivilaak. Until next week!!