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Getting inspired by my old September looks

Favourite dress

It’s nice to go through old outfit pictures to see how my own style has changed, if it has, and get inspired again by old clothes that are maybe at the moment forgotten to the darkest corner of the closet. I felt that I needed new inspiration for my everyday looks, so I started to go through old September photos. Going through your own old looks may give you new (old) ideas on how to combine certain pieces of clothing even though you would not have exactly that piece anymore. Or even better, maybe you do, and you can recreate the whole look or the part that still feels to fit your current style.

So here comes my September outfits from 2016, 2017 and 2018!


I had just moved to Stockholm and started to study at the University to become a Master of Fashion Studies. Good times! I’m wondering if all these photos were taken at the beginning of the month since it looks so warm.

Black and white silk dress with a big leather bag

September 16 – look 1

A black and white silk dress/tunic from Marimekko, with tights and a big leather bag. I could still wear the same look. I tried it not that long time ago when I noticed that I had forgotten the dress, but now it for some reason felt a bit short. Maybe that was because I was trying it on without tights. Need to give another chance and remember tights AND safety shorts. The outfit could be nice with chunky boots.

Long Marimekko dress

September 16 – look 2

This was a warm day. I was wearing a long dress, also from Marimekko. I like this look a lot, but I don’t know why I didn’t use that dress, not even once, last summer. I tried it on a couple of times but then went with some other one. Have to try again next summer! I’m not ready to let this dress go yet.

Faux leather shorts with white knitted sweater and backpack

September 16 – look 3

I think this is cool! Unfortunately, the shorts are too small now 4 years later, and I’m not sure if I have that sweater left either. But for this autumn: black leather pants + white knitted sweater + that backpack – yes, please!


At this time, I had One year outfit diary -project on Instagram and I was photo shooting my outfit every day during one year. You can still find my account @oneyearoutfitdiary on Instagram for more 2017-2018 outfit inspiration. But here is a “few” of my September 2017 looks.

Blue jersey dress with a leather jacket

September 17 – look 1

Day at the campus. The jersey dress has a new owner nowadays, but otherwise, I have everything left. I had the leather jacket on even today. I would like to have some nice knitted dress (my dream already a long time, just need to wait for the perfect one) to use with the leather jacket. I like to combine different materials and textures. I would also need a new pair of nice rain boots since those in the picture have a little hole, which is not that nice when you want to keep your toes dry on a rainy day.

Yellow leather skirt with a white shirt

September 17 – look 2

I like this A LOT. And I’m like crying out loud because this spring when trying my favourite skirt on (the yellow leather one on the photo), it didn’t close. I had made too many squats during the winter. Well, I’m definitely keeping the skirt and hoping it fits again maybe when I’m 70. Meanwhile, I will wear this look with my new beige leather skirt, which is totally okay too : D

Classy meets sporty

September 17 – look 3

This is me, totally. Love this look. Something classy and something sporty. The sneakers in this look are broken, but I have other ones that I can use to recreate this look. Or maybe I could try it with some chunky boots. That blue jacket is btw made by me at school in 2012, and I’m still using it a lot.

Snake patterned faux leather jacket

September 17 – look 4

That snake patterned faux leather jacket is over 15 years old, probably 17-19 years. I still have it and should put it on someday. On spring I saw a dress with almost exactly similar pattern and colour in a department store, so I believe my jacket is still going strong on the world of fashion and trends. I like this combo with blue jeans and white shirt, but now I would maybe knot the shirt at front. Let’s see how I will combine the jacket next.

Striped silk dress

September 17 – look 5

This silk dress is one of my favourite dresses, my safety dress. If I’m not sure what to wear, so I usually put on this one. On this outfit wearing it with tights as a dress but I also wear it with jeans and wrap it / knot it to the waist. The dress with tights and white sneakers combined with a leather jacket – I could still put on the same look.

Kimono in an everyday outfit

September 17 – look 6

You can maybe see that I used sneakers and leather jacket a lot in September 2017. And, well, some things just don’t change – still using those a lot. Here is otherwise quite basic skinny jeans and top look, but combined with a kimono, which makes the outfit immediately much more interesting. Why use kimonos only at home on the weekend mornings?

Denim skirt and white knitted sweater

September 17 – look 7

Denim skirt with a knitted sweater, tights, white sneakers, leather jacket and a backpack: I could still wear a variation of this look. Lately, I haven’t felt so much for denim skirts, but with another skirt or light blue jeans with a white heavier knitted sweater with a polo collar so that I could leave the scarf out so yes!

All black

September 17 – look 8

I really like this rock style, even though all black it’s not 100% me, but I would wear this one again! I still have all the pieces left, just wondering, like I already said at September 16 – look 1, I’m not sure if I feel that “dress” too short nowadays, especially with a belt.


I didn’t find that many looks but here is a few

Dress down a party dress

September 18 – look 1

Birthday look. Dressed down a party dress with a black t-shirt under and combining with sneakers. A good example of how party dresses can be dressed down and used in everyday looks, or on a birthday in a city without a big party.

Silk scarf

September 18 – look 2

Silk scarfs! I need to find those and start using them again. Now is the perfect time for those! On the other hand, I’m not that bit scarf fan, excluding big winter scarfs but I will give them a try, I promise. Maybe I could show you a few ways how to wear a silk scarf on Instagram (@viivilaak), what do you think?

Wool polo and black jeans

September 18 – look 3

Sorry for bad light, here is the same outfit in better lightning. That thin wool polo is one of my favourites for autumn: grey/brown/black with Unikko pattern. I need to get it from storage asap. I would still combine it the same way with skinny black jeans or black leather pants or, well, the ways are many.

So here you got 14 September looks from me from 2016-2018! Which one is your favourite?

Now it’s your turn! I challenge everyone to go through old outfit photos and closet to get inspired by the clothes you already own. If you share your looks on Instagram, don’t hesitate to use #wearyouroldlook and tag me (@viivilaak), I would love to see your looks too. Have a lovely weekend everyone <3