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Losing my style, losing a part of me?

My style summer edition

I have started to dream about new autumn jackets and coats. My old ones are getting old (most of them are 5-8 years old) and out of MY style. They are getting too small too. Nowadays, I prefer a bit more loose fit oversized models that I can wear a knitted sweater under or well-tailored ones. I would like to have a new leather jacket – more loose fit but still sharp, an oversized checked wool shirt/jacket preferably with a lining so I could use it longer, and a longer tailored wool coat without lining in beige/camel colour. I would also need/want a new trench coat, but let it wait until next year. Nowadays, I try to choose clothes that I can see me wearing still at least in 10 years.

I know I would survive with those I have at the moment, those would keep me warm, but I just need to put a limit to some point before I don’t recognize myself anymore. I don’t want to lose my own style; I don’t want to lose me. Clothes tell so much about us. People who meet us for the first time, before even saying hi, they have made some kind of picture of us in their mind only by the way we look. That doesn’t need to be conscious you may do it without noticing. And your expectations may change totally just after you say hi to the other person.

Classics with sporty details

Clothes tell about ourselves and our personality: How we want others to see me, how we want to show ourselves and the most important: how we want to see us. I feel that I have started to lose myself a bit, my style and my passion for clothing and telling something by the way I dress. Clothes have always been part of my identity, or not part but a kind of a mirror. I dress by how I feel and what I feel is appropriate for the occasion. I would describe my style: classic x sport. I like to combine classic, timeless pieces with sporty details. But then on the other hand, sometimes I feel like give me all the colours and patterns. A totally black outfit is not me at all. Sometimes I don’t care at all what others are wearing, so long as I feel comfortable in my appearance. For example, when travelling to work from home, I may have sports tights and a parka jacket. Or when doing grocery on the supermarket close by, it doesn’t play any role what I’m wearing; have a put my make up on and jeans and shirt or if I just go there in my sweatpants.

But then, on the other hand, this has started to annoy me a bit lately. Since covid-19, I’m basically just staying at home (read: wearing comfortable sweats and no makeup) or at work where I’m wearing my work outfit. My friends, I meet mostly for a walk. When could I dress according to my own personal style? Where could I wear my favourite clothes in my closet? And, yes I know, some people dress for those when at home, but let’s stay honest, I’m too lazy for that and at home, I prefer comfort in my way of dress.

Classics x sport

Now I have decided to try to find those jacket/coats which I told you about at the beginning of this post. Hopefully, as soon as possible and second hand. That’s so that I could feel myself ME again when going to work or the grocery store or where ever, despite what I’m wearing under the jacket/coat. I don’t want to look like I’m going to take a dog out every time I step outside from our door. I want to feel confident. I want to feel ME. And why second hand? Because buying new makes me feel uncomfortable, or even thinking to buy something brand new that I know I can find preloved.

That’s all about style talk today. So the point was that clothes aren’t just clothes, at least not for me. They are a part of me.

Photos are from our summer holidays in Gotland, and I really like this outfit I’m wearing.


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