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False start to summer dress season

White knit green dress cover
Knitted sweater with dress look

It’s not really a summer dress season yet. It’s too cold to go out bare legs, especially in the mornings when the temperature is still quite low before the sun does its magic and warms up the day. You are maybe already bored with the same jeans and trousers you have been wearing the past several months over the wintertime.

I have used my summer dresses already a while now. Long dresses are the best because there under I can wear even thicker leggings. That is how I can use my summer dresses even in cold winter: long dress, thick leggings, high boots, thick knitted sweater etc. Shorter summer dresses can also be worn together with pants. Jeans or even wider trousers look great together with a dress and prolong the dress season. At the beginning of last year, I wrote about a dress + jeans combo.

But now, one of my favourite fashion/clothing seasons is almost here! Yayy! Summer dresses together with junky sweaters and cardigans, the best. This mini-season is kinda a shift between spring and summer. These kind of looks are also perfect for summer evenings. Now, in the beginning, I prefer long dresses to cover my legs, because I freeze so easily 😀 I might still even wear light tights under. I have rocked bare legs twice this year: last week to the grocery store, though I was wearing a long dress, and yesterday when taking pictures and afterwards with a long skirt. Haha, loving to dress up to a grocery store, since I’m otherwise mostly hanging in sweatpants at home.

sweater close up

Can’t wait to skip tights for good (read: for summer) and wear even a bit shorter flowy summer dress with a cosy sweater, combining with ankle boots or sneakers, depending on the mood and which attitude I want to my look.

Furthermore, I can recommend you to test knitted sweater or a sweatshirt on top of a fancier party dress that you otherwise would wear maybe once a year. Combining it with a sweatshirt and sneakers may downgrade it to everyday use!