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Black pleated skirt – Secondhand find from years back

Black pleated skirt
Pleated skirt from side
Pleated skirt in whole length

It was 2012-2013 in Lahti, Finland. I’m not sure about the exact year, neither the exact store. However, I was secondhand shopping with a friend in Lahti, when I found this skirt. At the time I thought it was too big, or too long, but I bought it anyway planning to sew something else out of it, maybe a dress.

Later I have been so happy that I let it be that I didn’t destroy it. I bet that I would have used it much less if it would be a dress at the moment. This black pleated secondhand skirt is one of the most used skirts I own. It has been it already for many years. And it fits perfectly. I think I got a bit scared about the length at that time. Midi skirts became trendy a bit later. Now I have a few skirts in the same length, and at the moment it’s my favourite. So in the end, I’m super happy that I didn’t modify the skirt; didn’t make it a dress or shortened the hemline. Instead, I have taken care of the skirt: I sew the hemline partly again a few years ago when the hemstitch started to run.

Spinning in my black pleated skirt
Pleats on a field

I’m sure that I’m going to use this secondhand skirt many decades still. I don’t know the label, it might even be self-made or custom-made. I have a thin memory of that there was a label sticker inside the waistband at some point, but now I can’t find it or any care label either.

The skirt is so timeless, well sewed, beautiful and easy to combine. On summertime, it works beautifully with light tops, or for example with my knitted Lavender top (I told you that I’m going to wear it a lot) and sandals or sneakers, and on wintertime with chunky knitted sweaters and boots.

Skirt with Lavender top

And what the skirt costed? If I remember right, it was mine for 1 €.