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Midsummer – but what to wear?

Walking under apple trees

It’s midsummer eve tonight! That means that it’s time to put the flower dress on, wear a floral crown and dance barefoot on the grass – or keep those sweatpants and that 15 years old sweatshirt on and let the hair dry in the evening sun after sauna while enjoying the view and killing mosquitoes. So to answer the question about what to wear, it depends on how and where you are celebrating.

I’m more the latter alternative, even though I like to wear a summer dress during the day. Or just bikinis and maybe an old t-shirt. It depends. I used to celebrate midsummer at our summer cottage with my family for many years. Chill on the dock during the day, read a book, swim. Good food and sauna are also important parts of midsummer. There is nothing better than hopping between sauna and lake, or sea, several times in the evening sun: sauna – swim – sauna – swim and so it continues. Washing hair in natural water can also be called summer luxury, at least in my opinion. After the sauna, it’s nice to put something warmer on. Furthermore, partly because of the mosquitoes, longer sleeves are recommended.

Apple blossom
Smelling apple blossom
Under the apple blossom

So what to wear on midsummer depends on how and where you are celebrating. For me, the midsummer is not about fancy clothes, but more about everything I described above in a good company and wearing what feels best just at that moment. However, I would not say no for a floral crown, that would be nice. Maybe I will make one for tonight if I will find suitable flowers. This time we are celebrating midsummer at a summer cottage with friends. I packed a few dresses with too, just in case. Not the fanciest party dresses though, but comfortable and light summer dresses. We will see what I’m going to wear tonight. After spending almost the whole spring in sweatpants at home, it maybe would be nice, to be honest, to put a dress on for once.

Dancing under apple blossom
Under the apple blossom

How does your midsummer style look like? To find out mine, remember to follow me on Instagram @viivilaak. Have a lovely, hopefully sunny, midsummer weekend everyone!


Photos are from a few weeks back when visiting a apple garden.