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VL Lakanana dress – How you do it yourself

Lakanana dress
Lakanana dress

Here are my first DIY dress sewing instructions, and I promise, it is super easy, perfect for beginners! Lakanana dress is one size, but you choose the length. It fits different body types and can be used without or with a belt. Perfect, for example, for beach or garden parties, even for after work. You choose the fabric.

Lakanana is Finnish and means ‘as a bedsheet’. In this dress, we are going to give a new life for an old duvet cover, and that’s where the dress got its name. Choose an old cotton duvet cover like I did or go fancy with a silk or satin one.

All you need is an old duvet cover (the one with hand holes on sides), scissors, a pen, pins, iron, sewing thread and a sewing machine. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can also use a needle and hand stitch. That just takes a bit more time – but there is basically just 2 seams + belt so it’s not a mission impossible.

If you don’t have an old duvet cover, ask from your family, friends and neighbours, or visit a local second-hand store. I found mine from a second-hand store for 20 SEK (~2€)

(includes illustrated instructions)

Lakanana dress
Lakanana dress



  • Measure and cut the wanted length + 5 cm

Cut rather too long at this point than too short. You can also make the neckline first and then fit the right length. When letting the dress hang, without a belt, it’s longer than when gathered together with a belt. When using a belt, the dress rises a bit from the sides.

Measuring the Lakanana dress
  • Fold the duvet cover in a vertical direction and measure A, max 8 cm from the fold, on top edge and B, 15 cm from the top edge, on the fold, and cut between the spots. Make sure that duvet cover is evenly folded
  • Cut 2 cm at the point of V and on shoulders like pictured
Cutting the v-neck of Lakanana dress
  • Fold and iron the neckline inside of the duvet cover, or at this point, we might already call it a dress
  • Fold and iron the neckline edges once more under the previous fold
Neckline folds for Lakanana dress
  • Sew around the neckline
  • Fold and iron 5 cm from the hemline inside of the dress

(Measure the right length now if you haven’t yet)

  • Fold and iron  the edge into the just ironed fold
  • Sew the hemline with 0,5 cm allowance
Sewing hemline of Lakanana dress
  • Turn around, and the dress is ready!
Lakanana dress without belt
Lakanana dress without belt close up


The length of the belt is going to be the width of the duvet cover. If you want to make it longer, check instructions for a belt B from PDF instructions.

  • Measure and cut the wanted belt height + 2 cm. Make sure that the edges of the duvet cover are even before cutting.
Lakanana belt height
  • Turn the belt inside out
  • Make sure all edges are even and sew long sides with 1 cm allowance, but leave approximately 5 cm hole to one side
  • Turn the belt the right side out by using the hole, iron and sew along all edges with 0,5 cm allowance
Lakanana belt


Lakanana dress close up
Lakanana dress from back

(includes illustrated instructions)

Happy sewing! Let me know if you have any questions or feedback on the tutorial. I would love to hear what you think <3 Don’t forget to tag your Lakanana dresses with #VLlakananadress and @viivilaakkonenofficial on Instagram so that I can see your creations <3