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Secondhand flower skirt-ish

Flower skirt
Outfit details

Me: Look, I made a new skirt on Tuesday
Mom: You know, I’m quite sure I have had something of similar fabric once, or grandma had, no I think it was me
Me: Mom, this is it 😀 haha. I found the fabric from my old fabric storage to where it might have found its way from yours a long time ago. To be honest, I was wondering where it was from cause someone had started to make a skirt of it.
Mom: Yeah, that was me 😀
Me: Now, all I needed, was to put an elastic band to the waist and fold the bottom hem to finish the skirt
Mom: Well, good that it is now ready and in use

Skirt in progress
Flower skirt
Flower skirt on street

Secondhand flower skirt-ish. Now you maybe understand the title of this post. This time I will tell you about ‘do-it-yourself of mom’s almost readymade skirt’ kinda skirt. I love love love this fabric that my mom had picked one day. Like said, the skirt was already halfway done. The fabric is Japanese polyester but feels like silk. That would have been pitty to let that skirt to lay along with the other old fabrics any later, so I decided to finish the skirt easily by just adding an elastic band to the waist and folding the hemline. Now I can also check the flower skirt from my summer clothes list. Win-win.

It works great with my Modern white collar top that is part of my Modern white collar zero waste collection I made in autumn 2018 for international zero waste fashion design competition where I placed 2nd. You can read more about the collection and competition from my portfolio and here. Sneakers make the outfit more street, more me.

But think about the flower skirt with heels and for example with my knitted Lavender top. That would be amazing, right. I’m going to test that combo soon!

Flower skirt outfit
Laughing in flower skirt

Photos: Katriina Juntunen

But like I said, I only needed to add the elastic band to the waist and fold the bottom hem. That is also the easiest way to make any kind of skirt. I could make you an easy tutorial of that soon! Stay tuned!